James McCraith summaries his experiences of the ABC Challenges and gives us a glimpse of the daily excursions

We survived! Our first day in the rain was a baptism of…water. I think it gave all of us a bit of a shock. It rained ALL DAY. As we climbed our first hill completely sodden after just an hour in the saddle I think most of us were wondering if we would manage 5 […]

Zoe de Lantsheere explains how the challenge affected her both physically and emotionally

It was my first time in South Africa and it was probably the best way to discover this vast and beautiful country. It was so rewarding in so many ways. I have never had to raise such a significant amount of money before, and even though the bike ride was probably the most physically demanding […]

Everest test is a wheel challenge

Matt Griggs, taking part in the ABC 2014 Challenge committed to ride the equivalent of Mt Everest in one week in an effort to raise funds for The Phoenix Burns Project.  We are very proud to say that so far Matt has raised over AU$2K for his efforts which is fantastic. Every morning before work […]

The ABC 2014 Hikers tell us their story…

Progress of the 2013 Event

Follow the progress of these amazing individuals who are participating in this arduous event in support of burn survivors. If you can’t participate in the event, but would like to make a donation, Day 0: Sunday 17 November 2013, Arrival in Cape Town! After many months of planning and preparation, the event finally gets underway! […]