ABC 2011 Challenge: Hikers & Bikers return home triumphant!

20 Hikers and Bikers succeeded in completing the ABC Challenge in South Africa in October last year. 6 Hikers trekked 100 km over tough mountainous terrain across the Cederberg, 200 km’s north of Cape Town whilst 15 Bikers rode over 450 km of extremely physical and strenuous tracks, trails, tarmac and rivers(!) along the stunning Garden Route.

Although a number of the Challengers found it tough along the way, no-one was defeated; each and every one of the group completing their challenge with great satisfaction and triumph. The great sense of achievement was also shared by those who had helped to organise the event, and, of course, by all as those who supported and sponsored the Hikers and Bikers.  The success of the ABC 2011 Challenge went far beyond individual successful completions of the challenge with total funds raised for the chosen charity reaching a magnificent £25,000. This has been donated to the Phoenix Burns Project who do fantastic and vital work towards burns preventions through education and supporting discharged burns victims – psychologically, physically and socially. The Phoenix Burns Project further welcomes enhanced international exposure the charity has received due to its support from the ABC 2011 Challenge.

The Hikers experienced a genuine wilderness; they barely saw another soul trekking and climbing across high mountains, dazzling waterfalls, floral meadows and, perhaps the most striking of all, bizarre rock formations from millions of years ago when the region was under water. There were also many individual points along the way that made the tough and strenuous terrain easier to bear and served as a goal each day to motivate the intrepid hikers.  The Maltese Cross, ancient Rock Art, The Wolfberg Cracks and Arch, as well wildlife, served as breath-taking views and exciting company casting a delightful backdrop for their journey.

The Bikers’ experience was a far cry from the Hikers’; a totally different terrain but just as demanding – although maybe not as tough on the feet – certainly very testing on the buttocks! Many commented it was an immensely demanding adventure but worth it to witness some spectacular sights and scenery, game and whales, and especially to make some great new friends of all ages!

After hearing the interesting stories of both routes one perceives two sets of distinct experiences –due to the vastly different scenery and pace of the two routes – however, the two groups experiences were united in Cape Town completing the journey at Camps Bay. A night of well-deserved celebrations rounded off the experience  with beautiful African song and dance. Certainly a once in a lifetime trip to remember.

On their penultimate day in Cape Town, the Challengers were fortunate enough to visit the townships where so many burns issues occur; one can see how dangerous fire can be in such a cramped and densely populated area. Millions upon millions of homes are still susceptible to fire hazards allowing small and vulnerable children to be exposed to the horrors of this unmerciful problem. The Challengers were also invited to view the Burns Wing of the Red Cross Hospital in Cape Town. The visit inspired a diverse and challenging range of emotions. The children, wrapped heavily in dressings, showed tremendous spirit; the visitors told stories by doctors about the patients’ abilities to surprise them with joy in the face of the kind of pain most of us, hopefully, will never know.

ABC 2012 challenge

Following the success of the ABC 2011 Challenge, ABC are looking to the future to grow and bring more awareness to ‘The Phoenix Burns Project’ and child victims of burns and scalds, with the ABC 2012 Challenge taking place in South Africa from 2nd-11th November 2012.

Why not join us? Please contact to find out more information.

Corporate Sponsorship opportunities

For information about Corporate Sponsorship opportunities for the ABC 2012 Challenge, please contact Graham Spencer ( or 0207 440 8999).